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In addition to its software and professional services, CloudNine also provides extensive education to eDiscovery practitioners as highlighted by its publication of the eDiscovery Daily Blog. Authored and edited by industry expert Doug Austin, the eDiscovery Daily is the go-to resource for thousands of eDiscovery and eDisclosure professionals seeking to keep up with the latest news and case law in the world of digital discovery.
What I’m Thankful for in Thanksgiving 2017: eDiscovery Thanks
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Three years ago, I wrote about what I’m thankful for this holiday season from an eDiscovery standpoint. I’m even more thankful and blessed now, so I thought I would do it again. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Here are Some More Up to Date Fun Facts on Big Data: eDiscovery Trends
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For many of the webcasts that we’ve conducted at CloudNine this year, we’ve noted several big data fun facts that illustrate the challenges that many organizations face in managing increasing volumes of data. But several of those facts are three years old. So, we thought it would be fun to take a look at some more up to date facts about big data that you can share with your family at your annual Thanksgiving gathering!

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Florida Has a New eDiscovery Checklist: eDiscovery Best Practices
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One of the best things about speaking at The Master’s Conference is that you get to see other great sessions and presentations as well. During the Orlando event earlier this week, one of the sessions was presented by Ralph Losey, a regular thought leader interviewee on this blog, who discussed revisions and amendments to a notable Local Rule on Pretrial Procedure in Civil Actions. Those amendments include an excellent new 33 point eDiscovery checklist.

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Where Do You Start? Perhaps by Seeing What Other People Think: eDiscovery Best Practices
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Earlier this week, Rob Robinson asked the question “Where Do I Start?” on his excellent Complex Discovery blog when discussing the most significant challenges for those seeking and sourcing eDiscovery software and software-enabled services. Maybe one of the best places to start is by checking out the customer feedback.

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Here’s an Opportunity to Learn More About On-Premise and Off-Premise Solutions and Where CloudNine Fits in Both: eDiscovery Trends
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Many say that the cloud is revolutionizing eDiscovery as we know it, while others still prefer the control of the on-premise eDiscovery solutions they’re used to using. So, what factors should you consider when selecting your own eDiscovery solution? Thanks to our friends at ACEDS, you can learn more about the different approaches and how CloudNine supports both of those environments.

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Here’s a Chance to Keep What Could Go Wrong from Going Wrong: eDiscovery Best Practices
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As data complexity, discovery costs, and regulatory challenges increase in volume and impact, the pulse rate of publicly highlighted eDiscovery mistakes continues to build. While these mistakes are unfortunate for those who experienced them, they can be beneficial to the rest of us in highlighting mistakes you can avoid in your own cases. Here’s your chance to learn from their mistakes and keep what could go wrong from going wrong.

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Does this Ring a Bell? Court Orders Plaintiff’s Quick Peek Over Defendant’s Objections: eDiscovery Case Law
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In Fairholme Funds, Inc. v. United States, Judge Margaret M. Sweeney, despite the defendant’s strong objection, granted the plaintiffs’ motion to compel a “quick peek” production of approximately 1,500 documents withheld as privileged pursuant to the bank authorization and deliberative process privileges.

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Addressing the Inconsistent Email Address: eDiscovery Best Practices
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I recently had a client who was trying to search a fairly sizable archive in CloudNine (about 2.75 TB comprised of several million documents) and searching for emails to and from a given custodian. That search proved a little more challenging than expected due to a legacy Microsoft Exchange attribute. Let’s take a look at that scenario, substituting a generic email address.

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Facebook Wants You to Send Them Your Naked Pictures to Prevent Revenge Porn. I’m Not Kidding: Data Privacy Trends
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It sounds crazy, right? Facebook wants you to stop worrying about your nudes being shared without your consent by actually sending it your nude photos. It may not be crazy as it sounds.

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Court Chastises Parties for Turning Case into a “Discovery Slugfest”: eDiscovery Case Law
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In UnitedHealthcare of Fla., Inc. et al. v. Am. Renal Assoc., Inc. et al., Florida Magistrate Judge William Matthewman granted in part and denied in part the plaintiffs’ Motion for Reconsideration or Modification of Omnibus Discovery Order, clarifying the Court’s previous order regarding custodians and search terms, while denying the remainder of the plaintiff’s motion. Judge Matthewman also chastised both parties for their lack of cooperation on search terms.

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