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In addition to its software and professional services, CloudNine also provides extensive education to eDiscovery practitioners as highlighted by its publication of the eDiscovery Daily Blog. Authored and edited by industry expert Doug Austin, the eDiscovery Daily is the go-to resource for thousands of eDiscovery and eDisclosure professionals seeking to keep up with the latest news and case law in the world of digital discovery.
Drinks with Me, On Me!: eDiscovery Trends

The ARMA Live! Conference & Expo for Records Management and Information Governance professionals is coming to San Antonio this Sunday for three days and CloudNine will be there. If you plan to attend the show or are in the San Antonio area, come have drinks with me on Sunday – I’m buying!

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Hashing Out the Idea of a Standard Hash Algorithm for Vendors: eDiscovery Best Practices

In a blog post earlier this month, Craig Ball discussed the question (which was posed at the recent ILTACON conference by Beth Patterson, Chief Legal & Technology Services Officer for Allens) of why eDiscovery service providers can’t (or don’t) standardize hash values so as to support identification and deduplication across products and collections. Good question. Let’s take a look.

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Norton Rose Fulbright’s New Annual Survey Shows More Cross-Border Discovery & Alternative Fee Arrangements: eDiscovery Trends

According to Norton Rose Fulbright’s Litigation Trends Annual Survey for 2016 released last week, eDiscovery is “increasingly painful and costly to manage, particularly considering the growth of cross-border discovery”. Interestingly, however, more respondents are now using alternative fee arrangements (AFAs) and in a higher proportion of the litigation work they carry out, with a whopping 97% satisfied with the work conducted under an AFA.

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Pick Six! eDiscovery Daily is Six Years Old!

Believe it or not, it has been six years ago today since we launched the eDiscovery Daily blog! And, today is our 1,500th post! We like to take a look back every six months at some of the important stories and topics during that time. So, here are some posts over the last six months you may have missed. Enjoy!

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Don’t Miss Today’s Webinar to Hear Expert’s Views on eDiscovery Business Confidence!: eDiscovery Trends

Last week, we covered results from the ACEDS and Complex Discovery Summer 2016 eDiscovery Business Confidence Survey, which was conducted last month with the results published on Rob Robinson’s terrific Complex Discovery site. Today, you can attend a webinar to hear experts comment on the results of the survey and their thoughts about the state of eDiscovery business in general!

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Defendant Receives Terminating Sanctions and More for “Persistent Contemptuous Behavior”: eDiscovery Case Law

In Teledyne Technologies Inc. v. Shekar, No. 15-1392 (N.D. Ill., Aug. 22, 2016), Illinois District Judge Ronald A. Guzmàn, finding that the defendant “has failed to purge himself of contempt for the repeated refusal to comply with this Court’s orders”, entered judgment against the defendant, dismissed his counterclaims, and directed him to pay the plaintiff’s reasonable attorney’s fees and costs incurred as a result of having to pursue relief for the defendant’s “persistent contemptuous behavior”.

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Sometimes, Your Wildcard May Not Be “Wild” Enough: eDiscovery Best Practices

On the very first day we launched this blog nearly six years ago, one of our first blog posts was called “Don’t Get ‘Wild’ with Wildcards” where we showed how a poorly constructed wildcard of “min*” to retrieve variations like “mine”, “mines” and “mining” actually retrieved over 300,000 files with hits because there are 269 words in the English language that begin with the letters “min” (such as words like “mink”, “mind”, “mint” and “minion”). Sometimes, though, you have the opposite problem – your wildcard isn’t “wild” enough.

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Now You Can Weigh in on Principles and Guidelines for Developing and Implementing a Sound eDiscovery Process: eDiscovery Best Practices

The Sedona Conference® has had a busy summer. Last month, they finalized their guide for “possession, custody, or control” as it’s used in Federal Rules 34 and 45 and also issued a Public Comment Version of a new TAR Case Law Primer. Now, they have also issued a Public Comment Version of a new Principles and Guidelines for Developing and Implementing a Sound E-Discovery Process, which is a project of its Working Group on Electronic Document Retention and Production (WG1).

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